Welcome, beautiful!



Welcome to the first post for It’s Only a Number!  This is a site dedicated to the beauty, challenges, concerns, and triumphs of women in their 40s and beyond.  Let’s face it, as women, we face different challenges than men as we age.  Given the fast pace of today’s world with daily changes in technology, instant news updates, and rampant social media, it’s hard to keep up and stay competitive.  No, it’s not just hard.  It’s exhausting!  And what about all of the social changes we’ve experienced?  Many of us grew up during a time where many of the social norms nowadays were just not acceptable then, and we may be experiencing internal conflicts as we struggle with acceptance now.

Do we dare bring up the unending efforts (and money) we put forth in staying fit, healthy, and attractive?! Ugh!  I have always said I would age gracefully, but that was when I was wrinkle and fat free.  Now I find myself pulling back sagging facial skin in the mirror and wondering what it would be like to have full, perky breasts again.  Vanity? Ego? Yep. I admit it, but, darn it, I want to look how the young girl inside of me feels! New fitness and health trends emerge daily.  How do we sort out what is truly beneficial as opposed to schemes designed to capitalize on our desires?

What about being a childless woman in middle-age?  I am one.  Are you?  If so, how do you feel about it?  If not, what are your attitudes towards those who are?  How about dating at middle-age?  Where do you meet a potential partner?  Should you try online dating?  Are there more benefits to just staying single?  Have you saved for retirement?  If so, do you have enough to live the way you want to live when you retire?  If not, what steps can you take now to ensure you will have what you need when you can no longer work?  These are all topics that are worthy of discussion in a world where our age group is often overlooked.

There is also so much beauty and freedom found in getting older.  Overall, I am much more confident and at peace with who I am now.  I care so much less what others think and am more willing than ever to try something new.

Here is where we will explore all of these great topics with humor, grace, and honesty. There will be posts to inspire, reflect, nurture, and grow.  Age truly is just a number, and it’s never to old to learn, change direction, and reinvent yourself!  Please introduce yourself in the comments, and if you have topic ideas you would like me to explore, let me know!

6 Replies to “Welcome, beautiful!”

  1. I’m 59 now, and have really had to roll with the punches. In some ways, we do reinvent ourselves, in other ways, we become even more of the person we really are. But all in all, it’s a good life at this age, just different from the one we had when we were young. Thanks for this post!

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